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All Products Certified Cruelty Free

The products sold here are truly free of animal testing.

The "No Animal Testing" label, an unregulated label seen on many products, can be misleading. For example, it can mean: "This overall product wasn't tested,...but the individual ingredients were" or "We didn't test on animals,...but our suppliers did."

The only way to know a product hasn't been tested on animals is to check for the CCIC Leaping Bunny certification.

Look for Leaping Bunny Certification

The Leaping Bunny program is administered by the CCIC, which is the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics. Their Leaping Bunny certification is the most reliable guide to products not tested on animals, a certification that Consumers Union rates "highly meaningful." We sell only products with this certification.

Understand that most ingredients used in personal care have been tested at some time in the past. Companies with the Leaping Bunny certification, however, have committed to no further testing by themselves or their suppliers.

By buying cruelty free, you send a message to the cosmetics industry that you want them to stop animal testing. They will listen.

You Don't Compromise Safety

Are products not tested on animals safe? Absolutely! The European Union passed a ban on cosmetics animal testing and a ban on the sale of new animal-tested cosmetics in 2003. They wouldn't have done this had it jeopardized human safety.

There are other ways to test. In fact, non-animal tests are acknowledged to be better indicators of human response in most cases; but in a Kafkaesque twist, companies are reluctant to use these better methods because they don't match well with the less accurate historical animal results. So, the fact that the new tests give more accurate (and therefore different) results than the old tests is actually working against them. Companies worry that changing test methods may open them up to liability.

For More Information

For a complete list of certified cruelty-free companies in personal and household products and for more information on animal testing, visit the CCIC web site: www.leapingbunny.org. You won't encounter shocking text or photos here...just good information.

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